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Regular inventories are beneficial for the progress of a company because inventories establish equilibrium between the stock and the quantity demanded. Inventory is a complete list of items such as goods in stock of a company. The manufacturing factory of a company sends an inventory to the main office in order to make the officials aware of the amount of orders it can actually back up. So, the major role of an inventory is to establish a co-ordination between the factory and the customers through the main office. There are many benefits of an inventory such as it ends the long wait of the customers, reduces wastage of raw materials of the factory, helps the administrative body to understand the contemporary market demand. This is why companies with regular inventories can make good progress faster than others. Inventories help to increase the total revenue. Its major purpose is to hand over the ordered goods to the respective customers. ‘Global Trade Electronic Inc. USA’ is a LCD wholesale company which never runs out of supply because it has a well-organized, regular inventory system. The company arranges new inventory in regular interval. The August Inventory is coming from the Shenzhen Factory and the Hongkong office to the New York office on Monday. Famous writer Jonathan Raymond said, “It was Dell who came out with their build-on-demand process, where they are able to keep a zero balance inventory. That means they don't purchase parts until an order is received. That is a way to greatly reduced overhead, since you don't need to warehouse parts or overstock parts you may not end up using”. Now, you may understand the importance of having steady and accurate inventories. LCD screen replacements are materials which don’t have any speculative demand. That means they are included in the ‘secondary demand’ category. Think about your phone to understand this point. You only want to buy a replacement screen when you damage the primary LCD screen which comes with the device. Otherwise, you will never want to buy a replacement screen. This is why it is so important for LCD screen wholesale companies to follow this ‘Build on demand” process. If they do the opposite, they may end up with an overstocked factory where the end use products are literally valueless. This situation traps the capital of a company which could be used in further investment. inventory part


Inventory controls the flow of raw materials through the processing of the available data. It is called ‘Production Cycling’. Inventory is the binding bridge between the other two elements here. Without the proper maintenance of the inventory, there remains the possibility of accretion of excessive raw materials. The success of an inventory depends on the accuracy of the existing data. So, the data collection process should be patronized efficiently. The Shenzhen Factory in China is an international manufacturer. It has a reputation of being a mathematically accurate manufacturer. The factory produces excellent quality products at the cheapest rates. However, they send inventories to their suppliers regularly to prevent wastage of the products. ‘Global Trade Electronic Inc. USA’ receives the inventories regularly from the Shenzhen Factory. The factory is accompanied by the Hongkong office in the whole inventory process. There are 2 phases of an inventory. One is the phase before an inventory and the other is the phase after an inventory. Before the arrival of an inventory, the finished goods from the factory are supplied to the customers who placed orders through a forecasting agency (Company). In the second phase, the modification in the supplied goods arrives. They are then assembled in the forecasting office to create the quilibrium and then are finally handed over to the customers. package progress


Fixed customers are proven handy in an inventory situation because new or temporary customers will never place pre-orders in the company’s queue. Preorders are extremely important in the context of an inventory because they help the inventory cost process with the money supply. ‘Global Trade Electronic USA Inc’ or shortly known as UW has many reliable customers who are placing pre-orders on the company’s queue regularly because they have faith on this company. These customers never complain nor do they demand for money return. So, the company is rewarding them with regular inventories. These inventories are ensuring the shipping of the products to their respective customers.


UW sells a wide range of LCD screens in the virtual and practical market. The company has inventory for iPhone 6s LCD even when amazon, ebay or other wholesale company are out of stock.  Besides selling iPhone LCD screens, they also sell Samsung screen LCD wholesale. Samsung is the most demanded smart-phone company in the market after iPhone. UW sells almost every model of Samsung LCD screens. The prices of these Samsung screen LCD wholesale are also cheaper than other wholesalers. For example, if you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 LCD screen from UW, it will cost only 147.99$ but if you buy the same LCD screen from Amazon, it will cost you 170.99$. The price of the Samsung screen LCD wholesale of UW is even cheaper than eBay. Samsung S7 price


amazon price


If you buy a wholesale package, UW will provide a special discount on the purchase. For example, you can save 2.49$ per piece if you buy 200+ pieces of that Samsung Galaxy S7 LCD screen from them. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Samsung screen LCD wholesale from UW today. A scientific inventory is very important for a company to operate itself efficiently in the long run. The August Inventory of the company is certainly good news for the loyal customers. Their patience and anticipation are going to get rewarded because their pre-ordered products are finally going to reach in their hands. The company is making a significant impact on the market gradually. Hence, it is posing a major threat to the big names such as Amazon and eBay. The company aims to make a customer happy because the happy customer is the ‘Buy Again’ customer. Nobody likes to wait for their products. UW understands the sentiment of the customers. This is why they are working so hard to provide you the satisfactory purchasing experience.