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UW Wholesale has been Offering the Excellent Customer Serivices

UW as the mobile accessories and LCD manufacturing company has shown some outstanding customer service in the recent times, which has brought their services to highlight before the global customers. A great way you can also experience the same is by getting associated with UW. Advanced customer service and relationship has become the icon of UW, and you would also be proud to be a member of the concern and making them your bulk supplier. The products of UW The company is manufacturing and selling different types of units.


Their products list contains LCD screens for iPhone, LG smartphones, iPad, Samsung smartphones and iPod touch. With so many types of products listed, they have a huge production house at Hong Kong, China, where they manufacture the LCD screens at such low costs while maintaining the best quality that people would anyhow gain with their deals. One of the most highly demanded products they sell is the iPhone 6S LCD screen. Just because of the recent launch of the iPhone 6, naturally the accessories and screens for it would be of high demand. However this high demand has not been exploited by UW till date. All they try to do is release the best of the iPhone 6S LCDs at the best price possible. Individuals versus bulk buyers UW is famous as the wholesaler of iPhone 6S LCD screen and related accessories, but they are equally attentive and careful towards their individual buyers. Whether you buy one item from the seller or bulk, you will always be important to them, and would get the best customer service from the company. This is where UW specializes.


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People always look for after dales service, and the most prompt customer service desk. As UW has the best customer service infrastructure in the market, it has excelled quickly to the top, and wholesale buyers are specially cared for in UW. The various modes of customer services offered by UW Their live chat is the best form of support they are giving to every visitor on their site. Whether you are a member or not, you would get instant chat support, and chats are answered within 1 minute. Thus their waiting queue is pretty short. Every visitor gets a light pinging sound on entering the site, and after that a lady answers the chat. The chat support system being there, most of the queries get solved immediately, and problems get sorted before developing much. Being a new wholesale buyer you will have much less chances of selecting the wrong product as someone will be constantly assisting you through the entire process and deal. The next level of customer service is provided by the phone support executives.

They have a nice panel of callers who are always there to attend to the customer calls, queries and problems. If you face a problem later after you have made the deal, then the phone support is a great way to get in touch. Again if you can’t access their website and for the same reasons can’t access the chat support, the also the phone support is a brilliant way to get in touch. Finally they have the email support, and though a common mode of communication nowadays, it is actually a great virtue of the staff of UW, that they respond quite prompt, which never makes you wait for hours for the email reply. In fact wholesale buyers of iPhone 6S LCD screen who are also in turn small sellers, have limited time in their hands, and cannot sit idle for a day to get a response from their seller. Hence the prompt response is a savior. This form of extremely friendly customer support is one of the sole reasons that the company has come up so much and so well.


Earning more customers through their customer service and support Great customer service doesn’t just come up from communicating, but by communicating clearly. The same thing is done by UW through their website. The fantastically designed website has some lucidly formulated FAQs and guidelines for the customers, which initially at the home page only gives all the necessary answers to unspoken questions of all customers. Any question which you may have in mind as an individual or bulk buyer has been already answered with total care. This is where the site actually succeeds in proper communication. It’s not just the design and images, but the information which matters, and they know how to provide it clear and right. The FAQ section and the footer of the website contain valuable information about return and shipping policies and about the exchange policies as well. Free shipping for buyers A very interesting policy of UW is that they offer free shipping to all those customers, whose orders exceed $200. Even individuals can come under this scheme if they have orders of more than $200. But the product prices being so reasonable and affordable, a $200 bill occurs generally in case of wholesale buyers. Getting the coupon code to free shipping is very easy. Great business ideas with UW If you are a business person and small supplier of LCD screen and mobile accessories in your area, then you can make a great business of iPhone 6S LCD screen.


You can become the lead stockiest of these LCD screens in your area and supply others. This is possible when you team up with UW. If you get your supplies of the iPhone and related accessories and LCDs from UW at the most affordable cost with some more discounts, then you can later sell them off at better margins. You will be getting great customer service from the company, as well as good profit margin on each sale. The idea is just to collect the products at the most reasonable price with bulk discounts from UW. Now that the iPhone 6S LCD screen is in high demand because of the higher numbers of users of the iPhone 6S, this is a great time to invest in the iPhone 6S accessories from UW and make some profit.