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Replace iPhone LCD by yourself is dangerous if you're the beginner

Couple days before, one of my friends asked me if I can replace the iPhone 6 LCD for her. I watched many iPhone LCD replace video from the Youtube. I knew each step very clear and also the couple alerts about the replacing screen. Even I have professional replace tool-kits, I thought I am an "experienced beginner. This was my first time to do the replacement for iPhone 6 screen.  After watching the videos and tutorial, I felt the replacement an LCD screen as much easier. Therefore, I promised my friend that I would repair it.


Next day, I asked my co-worker to make a video for this replacing progress. I thought that this video would help the customer to realize the DIY replacement much simple whatever the result was negative or aggressive.


How long have I spend on replace iPhone 6 screen for my friend?



It's not 6 minutes or 60 minutes, which I spent 3 hours to replace. The replacement of  iPhone screen would probably happen too many issues.  You have to disassemble, install, disassemble, install, again over again until repairing all the problem. It's easy to professional technical person to repair it at one time. However, for me, it is not easy to repair the iPhone broken screen.

The first step disassembled the screws from the iPhone 6. It's the only easy thing on the whole progress, but you had to pull the screen harder when using the small suction cup. I tried three or many times to take the screen from the cell phone. At this point, I wanted to mention that while holding the iPhone down with one hand, please pull the screen be careful. There has the cable connect the screen. If you pulled the cable harder, the screen would definitely break.


The second step is taking out the cable which connects the screen. Please screw the four spikes because of the small mental. After taking out the small piece of metal, you have to take out the cable carefully. There had tiny metal in the cable, so at this moment, you have to use the tool-kits. Please do not use the hand to take out the cable.


Next step, dismantling the home button. There has the small connection with the home button. I suggested that each small cable has to dismantle be careful. By the way, I took this section over 30 minutes or one hour.




 After that, moving the front camera cable. This section there has three cables connect with each other, so please use the tool to move the front camera, because the piece is too small. This part took more than an hour.

Last, removing the metal from the back of the screen. this part just twisted six screws. At this section, I believed that everyone can do it very well.



From all the steps, my coworker and I spent almost more than three hours to strike the each part. Some part was really harder to do it. In my experience, I suggest that please find the professional person to replace the phone, because they do not waste your time and break the part of the LCD screen. Moreover, you can buy one screen from any website, but you find one repair to do the replacement service.