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The knowledge about Replacement Screen for Iphone6

How can you replace the screen on an iPhone 6 (or 6S / 6S Plus)?


The new iPhone 6S, like most modern smartphones, is mostly made of glass and quite fragile. If you drop your phone on concrete without a case, you’re almost guaranteed to shatter your screen. There are many ultra-protective case makers and models out there, and you’d be wise to invest in one of those as a preventative measure. Cracking your screen just once is likely to cost you four or five times as much to repair as a solid case will cost to buy. But let’s  assume that if you’re reading this article, you’re not looking for prevention, you’re looking for the cure. You’ve broken your iPhone 6 lcd screen – what can you do at this point? Here are some of your options:


Getting an iPhone 6 plus replacement screen directly from Apple

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You can get your iPhone 6 screen replaced through Apple quite easily and it’s surprisingly cheap. It may even be free – that depends on the nature of the damage, and if your phone is still within the warranty time frame. If your device is under warranty still, and the breakage is actually just a hairline crack (a single, thin line with no obvious signs of having been dropped), Apple may give you the benefit of the doubt and replace the screen for free in case it was defective. If you’re not sure whether your phone is in warranty, go to Apple’s website to check.



Apple will charge you around $109 to replace a damaged iPhone 6 screen, $129 to replace a 6S screen, and $149 to replace a 6S Plus screen (all these prices exclude tax). If you live in the US and aren’t able to get to your nearest Apple store, then you can post your phone in for about $7.


If you bought Apple Care+ when you purchased your device, then you will need to pay a bit less, $79-99 depending on the device. But even with Apple Care+, you will only be covered for two accidental damage instances. After that, you’re on your own.


There are three main pitfalls to getting your screen repaired or replaced by Apple:

  • Apple stores and Genius Bars can be hard to get to and hard to make an appointment with quickly
  • If you have to mail your phone to be repaired, you’ll be without it for at least a week
  • Depending on where you live, you might find that you can get iPhone 6 (s/plus) screens replaced much cheaper


Cheap iPhone 6 LCD screen replacement


It’s important to know that if you let anyone other than an Apple employee open up your iPhone, they’ll know about it and your warranty will be voided. But if your phone’s warranty has expired already, or if you’ve already had your iPhone 6 screen replaced twice under Apple Care, then a third party repair specialist will be glad to fix your screen for you, or even sell you a wholesale iPhone 6S screen replacement.


When you’re looking for the best screen repair company, keep some questions in mind to ask the company before you hand your device over:


  • How long is it going to take?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Do they offer any warranty? What does it cover and for how long?


Even if your original Apple warranty is voided, it’s not a great idea to settle on a company that won’t stand by their products and service quality. There’s no point saving money on a brand new crack-free phone screen that will start being defective just a couple of months down the track.


In the US, it can be hard for a third-party screen repair company to offer anything much lower than the cost of an official Apple repair, but even cheap iPhone screen replacements can generate a good profit margin for repair businesses, provided their wholesale screens are cheap and reliable enough to offer customers a competitive warranty.


Replace the screen yourself


If you’re confident that you have the skills and patience, you might be able to replace your cracked iPhone 6S / 6 / 6S Plus screen yourself. You can buy a wholesale iPhone 6S screen for as little as $15 -$30 online, and many arrive as kits that contain all the necessary tools to do the job. You’ll get a new glass screen, mini screwdrivers, suction cup for removing the old glass, prying tools and even glue or other extras. The trouble is, these cheap kits usually just replace the screen’s glass, but not the LCD screen.


It’s quite a lot more difficult to replace just the glass without replacing the LCD screen to, and incredible easy to damage the minute soldering that connects the LCD to the inner workings of your phone. You’ll need to remove all the glue between the glass and LCD screen first before you can put the fresh glass on – the more cracks your original screen has, the more difficult this process will be, and the greater your chances of ending up with minute glass debris ending up inside your phone.


Once you start looking at touchscreen replacement kits, the cost is between 50%-100% of the price of getting your screen replaced by a third party, so unless you’ve done this before, it’s almost never worth repairing the touchscreen yourself. Even for a glass-only replacement, you’ll need to spend much longer than the 5-15 minute videos you’ll find on YouTube of seasoned professionals making the same repairs. And of course, if you make a repair yourself and brick your phone, you’ve lost the entire value of your phone, and can blame neither Apple nor a third-party repair service.


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While you’re waiting to replace your iPhone 6 screen


To prevent the damage from getting worse (and to save you from cutting your fingers) apply a good screen protector, and use a case that will hold it down at the edges. The worse the glass gets, the more likely you are to damage the touchscreen, and the harder (and more expensive) it will be to repair, whether you go with Apple or a third-party screen repair company.