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Bigger Winner on Christmas Day in 2015: Half Number of People buying Apple

In 2015, people still want to purchase the technology products on the Christmas time. Especially, Apple is still the hottest products which people will choose. This year Christmas, have you received iPhone or send out iPhone?


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Buying Apple devices


Christmas is the most important festival in western countries. Moreover, most of the manufacturers are the most valued festival to sell its products. Christmas is when users are most willing to pay, they have to choose the gifts for themselves, family or friends such as iPhone and iPad. Past few years, iPhone always become the first hottest choices. It has been expressed that the situation will reduce soon, but it did not change.


According to the US mobile analytics and advertising firm Flurry data, this year Christmas, there was over 49.1% devices from Apple. As a comparison, Samsung devices’ activation share was 19.8%; Microsoft was 2%; LG and MI Global were 1.7% and 1.5%.



From the upper photo, we can see that Apple sales were first on the Christmas. However, we can’t believe that MI Global was at the rank of the device activations by a manufacturer.



 Which one is the most popular?

Either last year or this year, the size of the screen is our hobby. Before one week of the Christmas, New device activation was 27% of the big screen cell phone. In 2014, it was 13%. In 2013, it was 4%.


In the IOS aspect, most of the users choose the size of iPhone and iPad Mini. After iPhone 6 Plus released, plus was accepted on increasing.


According to some information, the new device activation was 49.1%. iPhone 6S Plus reached 12%. The US mobile analytics Flurry data indicated that the big screen iPhone and iPad mini conflicted with each other.   Despite this, from this year’s data, the middle size of the iPhone was one of the popular (for example 4.7 inches of iPhone 6S). The percentage was 65%. This condition was totally different with Android system. In the Android system, the middle size of the screen was 35%. The big screen of Phablet was almost 50%.



Android and IOS was different because Android has already released big screen since 2012. The users already used to it. However, IOS has provided middle and big screen since 2014. Apple has made the big step from 4.0 to 5.5 inches. The users are easy to accept from 4.0 inches to 4.7 inches.

According to information, the best sales of Apple device is 4.7 inches iPhone. In the new activation of IOS, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s was 65%; iPad was 14%. IPad Pro was less than 1% on the market.


From the upper photo, we can see “Full size of the tablet” category. There does not see any single category about “Big tablet laptop”. In the IOS device, big screen tablet is only iPad Pro, because the percentage was too less even though not reach 1%. It directly divided into the category of “Full-size tablet”. From this reaction, iPad Pro did not have any attractive to the customers on the Christmas Day.


The Festival of App Store


On the Christmas Day, it was not new activation festival, but also the festival of the App store. When people bought a new device, the first thing went to the App Store download and installation. Sometimes the App Store became the famous software download during the Christmas time. While some had been successfully applied during the Christmas season which will break the record to download and install.


US market research firm Distimo data show that IOS device and iTunes gift card was activated on the Christmas day. The rate of download on Apple Apps Store increased 87% on the December. The income also increased 70%. Meanwhile, mobile data analytics company Flurry found out that Apps installation reached over 2.2 times before three weeks of December.




During the Christmas season, another of Pay Finder for IOS apps was very attractive to the users. This was one free app. The iPhone users can allow the nearby retail position support on the Apple Pay Retailed store. In the holiday of Christmas, the download and installation of apps increased 750%.  That was why the developers of Pay Finders was glad to announce this news to the public.

In addition, Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad support beyond Apple Pay. Apple Watch also offers Apple Pay. Apple Watch of Pay Finder may be one of the users unpacking gifts this year. Apple Watch was going through first Christmas. Until now, the performance of Apple Watch seems to be stronger and stronger.


When saying Apple Watch, we have to mention one another competition Fitbit. Few days ago, the news indicated that Fitbit Apps download was increasing on the day of Christmas. This situation provided that many Apple users bought Fitbit watch.