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Why is iPhone 5 screen replacement much cheaper than before?


When the first iPhone appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, it became an instant hit. This communication device was praised for its unique features and durability. This was not a surprise for those who have already used products made by Apple because they knew that Apple always uses high-quality materials and includes the latest technological solutions in their devices. Their smartphone was so successful that they have decided to update it with new and improved features every once in a while.


iPhone 5 is one of the most popular iPhone models. It succeeded iPhone 4s. It has much processor than its predecessor and more features. Of course, just like in any other iPhone model the designers have worked hard to improve the screen too. When it was introduced in 2013, iPhone was one of the rare smartphones and mobile devices that had LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. This 4-inch screen had 640x1136 ppi and 16:9 widescreen ratio. It also featured 16 million colors. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has invested in additional protection, the truth is that this part of iPhone is very sensitive and breakable.


New iPhone 5



There are many different reasons why iPhone 5 screen ends up broken and damaged. The most obvious example is dropping the phone on a hard surface unintentionally. People can also accidentally sit on their precious device or press it hard while it is in their bag or pocket. No matter what the reason is, the iPhone 5 screen ends with visible damages in the form of cracks and malfunctioning. So, the question is – what should iPhone 5 owners do in such situations? The most logical solution is to opt for iPhone 5 screen replacement.


However, in the past, this replacement was quite costly. This made people think about buying completely new device instead of replacing the screen because the cost and effort were not worth it. In addition, it seems that many repair shops in the past were not so skilled and used to work with this device, so even if they were able to replace the screen with a new one, the device was not working like before and it was more prone to other problems. The good news is that today people can find cheap iPhone 5 screen replacement offers.


The fact is that the price of this task dropped rapidly in the last few months so one may ask why is this happening? Why is iPhone 5 screen replacement much cheaper than before?


This is a good question and it looks like there are several factors that contribute to this change.


To start with, although this model is not very old, starting from 2015, users got the chance to buy the new iPhone, 6 model. According to some statistics, many of the iPhone 5 users have already switched to the latest iPhone. Obviously, the new model is more expensive, but many mobile operators have decided to provide two-year plans that gave the clients an opportunity to buy iPhone 6 for only $200. Of course, in order to own it, you will have to use their specific wireless plan.


iPhone 5 broke screen



iPhone 5 is present on the market for more than two years. The basic iPhone 5 model was released in September 2012. The 5S model was released on September 20, 2013, and this was the day when Apple revealed their 5C model too.


Furthermore, another reason why there are many cheap iPhone 5 screen replacement options is the fact that there are too many screens on the market. When the first iPhone 5 occurred, the price of these screens was very high and as a matter of fact, it was going up. This is the reason why so many refurbishment companies produced a large number of LCD screens. This situation led to market saturation and the basic economic rules say that increased quantity leads to reduced prices. This is exactly what is happening right now. On top of that, we know that the interest in new iPhone 5 devices is dropping thanks to the release of iPhone 6, so manufacturers are in a hurry to clear their stocks by providing cheap iPhone 5 replacement solutions. What it is even more interesting is that it seems that they are using this profit to invest tin production of iPhone 6 LCD screens. In other words, they are re-investing their profit.


inside of iphone5s




We should not forget another important factor that contributed to this situation – the fast advance in technology. The new iPhone 6 models come with much more sophisticated screens with brighter and clearer colors and higher resolution. This makes them more expensive than their predecessors. As previously mentioned, back in 2012, iPhone 5 had top notch screens and this was one of their main elements in the marketing campaigns. Today, this technology is standard, not exclusive. So, the cost of creation of such screens is much lower today compared to 2012 and 2013. This is why these companies can afford to offer cheap iPhone 5 replacement screens.

The next factor that has an impact on the final price of this replacement is the cost of transportation. We must point out that this is an indirect factor because it depends on the place where the screens are produced. Truth to be told, most of these screens are produced in Asian countries and in the recent period the connections between this continent and other continents like America and Europe were improved which ultimately led to reduced transportation costs. In addition, the countries from different continents have signed deals that lowered the taxes and other similar measures that made the screens more expensive.

As you can see, there is more than one good reason why iPhone screen replacement is much cheaper today than ever before and this situation wont change in the near future. So, those who have damaged iPhone screen should not hesitate to use this chance to get a brand new screen at a low price.