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repair iPhone lcd


Many iPhone users experience a sudden shock or skip a heart beat when their phone accidentally falls on the floor. If you are lucky, a quick reflex from you or your friend could catch the falling phone. But the chances of this happening are very slim.


The expression of seeing an iPhone break is similar to watching a horror movie and it could easily leave you sad for days. The most common damage that everyone sees after picking up a fallen phone is screen damage. How bad can cracking your iPhone screen be?



LCD screen replacement vs Outer glass replacement


The cracks on the screen can be severe or mild depending the nature of the fall. There are mainly two possibilities, one is that only outer glass is cracked and the display is still functional. In other words, the LCD or liquid crystal display is not damaged. The user needs to only replace the outer glass which is less expensive than replacing the LCD along with the glass. If the whole screen has gone black or ruptured, then LCD must be damaged. The repair cost of replacing the iPhone screen LCD is expensive. In the case of broken LCD, the outer glass also needs to be replaced.


Damaging the LCD and replacing it is a costly affair, but not impossible. There is no need to discard the phone and buy a new one. There are good repair services available these days who replace the LCD and give you back the fully functional phone. On the other hand, fixing the exterior glass is a fairly easy procedure that you can do it yourself. Both the replacing an iPhone screen LCD and outer glass are relatively less expensive compared to replacing an iPhone.


iPhone LCD replacement is a complex procedure. The one who does it must have hands on knowledge about the various components that need to be removed and placed back to get a fully functional phone. It is best to hand over the screen damaged phone to an iPhone repair person. However, if you possess the technical knowledge of repairing a phone then you can do it by yourself. In this case, the cost of repair will cut down to only buying replacements such as new exterior glass and LCD screen. The users who decide to buy an LCD must check out the prices as they differ from one store to another. Find a reliable store that offers the replacement parts at a reasonable price. There is no good reason to pay more for the same part unless there is a difference in quality. The cost of repair also varies from one shop to another. If you can outsource the job to professionally trained technicians then you could save a good amount of money.


Using a cracked iPhone is not a fun experience. You have all the more reason to get it fixed soon. These days, iPhone 6 screen LCD replacement have become very common. The inconvenience of high price caused by them has gradually reduced in the market. So without getting too worried, replacing the screen rather than buying a new phone entirely.


How screen and case covers protect your phone?


Some users have become aware that someday their iPhone is going to fall down and crack. To protect their phones, they are buying screen covers.  These covers protect the surface of the screen from scratches and cracks on falls. While most phones have a glass screen, they may suffer scratches over time. These scratches become visible when oil and dust accumulate over them. This makes the display of information poor and decreases the functionality of the phone.


The LCD screen protectors which are made of plastic act as a barrier against scratches, oil, sweat, dust and dirt. The cost of these protectors is very less but they are effective in protecting the underneath expensive LCD screen. It is safer and easier to wipe the screen cover to remove the dust particles. The LCD screen protectors are a great way to protect the phone, but using it could cause touch sensitivity issues. The thicker covers can lessen the phone’s touch response and also reduce the readability of information. If proper care is not taken while applying these covers, air bubbles pop up and affect the visibility of the screen.


Once you have done iPhone 6 screen LCD replacement, to protect your phone from any future damage, you can use a screen cover on it. These covers are available in many varieties based on the size, shape and material used. The price of the covers depends on the quality of materials used and its durability. A cheap cover could get broken or wear off after few months of use. The high-quality ones stay intact for a long time. To find the right screen cover, one has to do the necessary homework and research online. You can visit different stores and check out the price of screen covers.


If you want to protect the phone as a whole, then iPhone cases are a well-suited solution. These cases cover the whole phone leaving the keypad, screen and plug in outlets open. On an unexpected fall, the case covers to protect the phone from damage. Now, case covers are available for most of the popular phones in the market. All you have to do is type in mobile case covers and find the right case cover for your phone.


When your iPhone does a lot of daily tasks for you, breaking it can bring down a lot of problems. Today phones are necessary for business, work, entertainment and personal leisure. So repairing it as soon as possibly is often a requirement to live a comfortable life. If you are a busy person, there could be many important calls to attend to during the day. The first thing you can do when your iPhone falls and breaks is to remove the SIM card and transfer it to another phone. Also, having a backup for your contacts on your computer would be very helpful during emergency situations. If the cost of repair doesn’t concern you, then run down to the repair store and get it fixed quickly. Or else you have to keep using another phone until your iPhone is fixed by other methods. You can fix the phone by referring to the instructions from the internet. For more details on this, you can research the internet.