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Do not care about the Detail: iPhone 6S

iPhone 6s rose pink



Design Basically Unchanged


Before the iPhone 6S came out, we already saw very high reliability from the photograph. Because of the iPhone 6 design did not satisfy everyone, for example, the backward camera, and the size of iPhone LCD Screen, and two lines on the back part of the body, so most peoples hope that the iPhone 6s has a little change. We know that iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s do not have any change to the body of the phone itself. Therefore, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S do not have any different between these two versions. The camera still raises and the back of the body still has two lines. This is the information which we get from the photos of iPhone 6S.


Configuration dramatically


A few years back, Apple iPhone products did not make any big changes to the shape of their phones. The main new feature is the upgrade in the hardware. The recent exposure of Foxcnn internal documents shows that the next generation iPhone may be equipped with 12 million pixels rear camera, that supports 4K video recording and 240 FPS slow motion video recording.


Other aspects of the specification, iPhone 6S front camera is 5 million pixels, 2GB RAM, a minimum capacity version of 16 GB, integrated Force Touch screen technology.


Do not care about Details


The photos of the iPhone 6S have caused a debate in the Apple fan club. On the one hand, some people think why iPhone 6s cannot cancel the raised camera and two white lines on the back. On the other hand, people said that although the overall design is the same, but the configuration of a substantial upgrade and equipped with more efficient iOS 9 system. When iPhone 6s came into the market, the industry of smart phones will stay at the benchmark level that the iPhone sets.


According to the previous release of information, iPhone 6S uses the new Qualcomm LTE chip, numbered MDM9635M, has Qualcomm released the fourth generation in 2013 LTE baseband Gobi 9X35. Moreover, compared with the iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S board appears to be more narrow, which means more space inside, we may see a larger capacity for the battery.


The A9 chip currently has no news about it, but over the past few years by each generation apple's homemade chips progress, we basically can be sure performance on the iPhone 6s processor will have a qualitative leap. In each generation iPhone will have to upgrade the hardware configuration of it's phones, iPhone 6s is appropriate for new Apple's product updates. This is only a smart phone hardware section; we can also take a look at the software.


"Faster" and "smarter" is Apple introduced iOS 9 main content WWDC conferences this year, which has five points that allow us to use the iPhone 6S to the fullest extent of expectations. There is Siri, Apple Pay, more native software service, low-power mode and a better system optimization. Although iOS 9 no longer has "more than 200 features", but with Apple's WWDC conference we can feel the new system will bring a new change.


Solving the Problem


Apple has repeatedly said that they will wait until the latest technology  is available then use it in the production of the body. We can guess, they do not really unaware iPhone 6’s camera projections and two white lines bring trouble to the user, so Apple had already prepared a solution. United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released Apple filed a patent application, which referred to the new Apple developed a new anodized metal, the biggest advantage of this material is kept a clear wireless signal. It allows Apple to create exactly the same with the iPhone 6 all-metal cell phone - that is, to let two white lines disappear and it does not affect the phone's signal at the same time. In addition, we also learned through the supply chain news, starting from next year's iPhone 7, raising the camera also will become history.