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Fix iPhone 5C Screen under $35, is it possible? - Little Old

Fix iPhone 5C under 35



Though it is really troublesome to get your iPhone’s screen shattered, but it is a normal problem that can happen to anyone. So, stop thinking about what has happened and think what you can do next? Though there is a simple way for getting it repaired from the apple store, but when it comes to money saving or reducing your expenses on its repair, you are required to think about other possible methods. Let us tell you about the available options.


Here, we are going to tell you about the three solutions for this problem which are:


  • Option 1: Buying the iPhone 5C screen from LCD wholesaler and then replace it on your own or get it repaired from a friend.
  • Option 2: Second option to buy the iPhone 5C screen at the discount which you can get from LCD wholesaler and get it repaired from the repair store.
  • Option 3: Third and last option are to give your iPhone to the repair store and getting it repaired from them.


So, let us tell you about the pros and cons of all these available options. If you are interested in fix iPhone 5C screen cheap, then you should try for the first option as it is the least expensive. Moreover, if we compare all the three options at once, then in the first two, we are required to buy the LCD screen on our own.  And we can save our money by buying it from a wholesale dealer. Last option, no doubt, is the most expensive one.


Let us discuss in detail about all these options and enable you to choose the best for you.


Option 1


As mentioned above, in this option you can buy the iPhone screen from LCD wholesaler and then repair it yourself. This is the least expensive way of getting your iPhone screen repaired as you are only required to spend money on the screen. If you are looking for a wholesaler to buy iPhone 5C screen, then you can visit At this link you will all the iPhone screens at wholesale price which is $34.99. Once you bought the screen, follow the below given steps to fix your iPhone 5C screen.


  • Starting with the process, first of all, power off your phone.
  • Next, you need to remove the dock screws which have secured the screen to the frame. They are two in number and fixed on the sides of the dock connector. For removing these screws, you can use 5-point security screwdriver.
  • Now, you have to remove the broken display safely. For this, you can use the suction cup as it will get secured to the screen and will remove it properly. So, place the suction cup on the screen and gently pull it up while holding your iPhone in its place with one hand. Keep on pulling the suction cup upwards until the screen gets detached from the bottom part. Once the screen is lifted up slightly, you can raise it with your fingers.


However, if the screen is tightly fixed, then you can use the razor blade or any other method to set it apart.


  • Now, you are required to remove the display cables and for that you need to remove the shield which has covered them. There are four screws on this shield which can be removed by #000 screwdriver. One thing you need to keep in mind is that all these screws are of different size, so you should organize them in the way that you can remember their positions for reassembly. After removing the screws carefully set the shield apart.
  • Remove all the three cables from the logic board, with the help of spudger tool.
  • Now, start with the replacement process. First of all, attach three cables to your phone’s logic board. Fix the display shield at its position with the help of screws that you have removed previously.
  • Now, lay the new screen in place and snap it. Before snapping the screen at its place, make sure that it is lined up correctly and while snapping, start from the top. Never force the screen down.
  • After that, replace the dock screws and you are done with fixing the new iPhone 5C screen.


Option 2


The above-given process is clearly explained with all the instructions, but if still you are not able to fix the broken screen, then you can get it repaired from the repair store. No matter if you are not able to replace the broken screen; you still have the option of buying it from an LCD wholesaler and save your money. As the repair centre can charge you the accurate rate without any discount on the screen, it would be better if you buy it from UW LCD wholesaler for just $35. Whole of your work will be done for just $55 as the repairman will charge you $20 for replacing the screen.


Imagine a case if you would not have bought the screen on your own. Then the repair company would have charged you the full price which is $59 along with adding the repair fee. So, whether you are going to repair it on your own or are going to get it repaired from an expert, ensure to buy the screen yourself.


Option 3


The third and last option is to carry your iPhone to the repair store and get it repaired. Though it is the easiest method among three, but it will cost you more than other two types.


So, if you are interested in fix iPhone 5C screen cheap then you should go for option 1. Though the above-explained method is easy, but if still you face any difficulty then you can check videos from the YouTube. What’s more, if you buy iPhone 5C screen from UW LCD wholesaler, you will also get technical support for replacing the broken screen. You can also ask your friend to fix the broken screen. But, in the case it is not possible; you should go for the option 2 avoiding the Option 3 as much as possible.