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LCD screens are made in China - Change the Image

‘Unified Wireless Inc. USA’ is a blissful name in the world of the LCD screen wholesale. The company has created stunning impression amongst the buyers. The company is always devoted in creating amazing offers. It understands the needs of the customers and adapts accordingly. The company has already become one of the best Chinese LCD wholesale suppliers in Queens, NY. The company has its own manufacturing factory in China. China has the worldwide recognition to produce skillful workers. Combining the ultra-modern machinery with human skill, China produces the best quality products at competitive prices. Many big companies do assembling in China. The iPhone of Apple is also assembled in China now. China produces the best quality of LCD screens in the world. The country has also invented and commercialized many latest displays and screens. Keeping these technical aspects in mind, UW have their screens made in China. Some people may have allergic with the sentence, ‘Made in China.’ But it is absolutely unfair. If you have the same feeling, then your thoughts might change after reading this article. However, UW screen proudly represents their manufacturing country as their customers are giving outstanding feedback about their products.


There are some facts about China which you should know before we go in depth with this article. China not only overtook the United States in 2011 to become the world’s largest producer of manufactured goods but also used its huge manufacturing engine to boost living standards by doubling the country’s GDP per capital over the last decade. There are many pros in Chinese manufacturing industry. Lower cost, better service, higher output in quicker time, duplication capabilities etc. are only some of them. Chinese manufacturers are capable of replicating any OEM quality cable flex and digitizes precisely. They can also replicate high quality screens like iPhone screens amazingly. Their screens are recession-proof. Their color and brightness are the same as the original ones. The biggest advantage is their assembling capacity. The Chinese produce their products with finesse because they use modern technologies and machinery. The labor cost in China is one of the cheapest in the world. So, you can see that ‘Made in China’ doesn’t necessarily mean cheap and low quality. The CEO of the world’s biggest and richest company Apple, Mr. Tim Cook was lately interviewed by a TV show named ’60 Minutes’ where he said, ‘We put our factory in China is because they are skilled. They’re even better skilled than German and American workers.’ Tim also said that Chinese people focus on manufacturing, and that’s part of their education system.



According to marketing development strategy, ensuring the price and the quality at the same time is the most difficult task. UW screen understands this fact. That is why; the company has its manufacturing company in China. This is the reason why they have been able to produce excellent products at such low costs. The ‘Global Trade electronic Inc’ is an innovative manufacturing company in China. The company has invented ultra high definition, i.e. UHD displays. The Chinese customers who needs sharper and much brighter images, but not able to afford expensive OLED display are heading towards UHD. In china, Unified Wireless Inc sells a 55 inch UHD models for $1800 whereas an OLED TV of same dimension is sold for $10,000 by Samsung.


By the power of this high voltage manufacturing factory in China,UW screen has been controlling the price rate of the LCD screens dramatically. For example, let us consider the iPhone 6 plus LCD screen replacement. If you buy this screen from UW, you will have to pay only 60.99$. You can even get it for only 58.50$ per piece if you buy it 200+ pieces of this product. So, you can save 60.99-58.50 = 2.49$ per piece. That means, if you buy 200 pieces, you can actually save 498$. If you are a retailer, this is a huge amount of profit for you. Have you ever thought how UW manages to save this 2.49$ per piece? If you are a producer, you will understand how much sacrifice you need to do to reduce even 0.50$ production cost. UW has made it possible by combining the modern technologies with the labor of work-oriented Chinese people. Here is the price list of iPhone 6 plus LCD screen replacement on UW.


iphone6plus price big pic


To understand the low price rate of UW, you need to see the price of the same iPhone 6 plus LCD screen replacement on some other renowned websites. In this case let’s take the price of this screen on eBay into account.

ebay price high big


You can see that the price of the iPhone 6 plus LCD screen replacement will come fully checked okay from the company will come fully checked okay from the company is 249.99$! No matter how much you research on the internet, you will definitely find the price of the UW as the cheapest. The quality of the UW product is as good as the OEM quality and price is even four times less. UW also provides 30 days warranty on every product and does the exchange very quickly. So, if you are a retailer, you can make a quick profit by purchasing wholesale packages like the iPhone 6 plus LCD screen replacement. UW screen has become a trustworthy company very quickly. Thousands of retailers are using UW as their wholesale supplier. UW is making eye-opening progress in the market of LCD wholesale. All of these have become possible because of its Chinese manufacturing factory. This is the reason that UW proudly says, ‘Yes! Our LCD screens are made in China.’ Modern factory in the rising industrialized country has provided this company the versatility it needs. The factory of this company has a huge manpower. So, it is always ready to produce a large order. This is the big difference between this company and the rest. In the present market, there is a very few companies who have their own manufacturing factory. We having this enormous privilege has become a safe zone to work with. The company is making jaw-dropping progress with this Chinese spirit and enigma.