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Why is My iPhone Screen Not Working?

horizontal lines in the screen


Even though for a lot of people the iPhone is considered something of a higher-end product and Apple tends to pride itself in producing devices that “just work,” you may still find yourself in the predicament where you phone's screen has started to malfunction. Whether it's due to an obvious mechanical failure from physical trauma, or else due to a problem where the cause is much less clear, it can be extremely frustrating to find that this relatively expensive device is unusable thanks to a screen that won't work.


You have a few options here as to what you can do to fix these issues. You can send the phone to Apple, and deal with its having to go through the mail and possibly get lost or stolen (not to mention the cost if it is no longer under warranty), or you can attempt to diagnose it and fix it yourself (a much less expensive option). The point of this article is to help you understand what might be wrong with your phone, and lead you to some clues on how to find the parts to fix it on your own.


The first thing you should do when beginning your troubleshooting process is to try to figure out why your screen isn't working. There are a number of possibilities of course, so let's try to isolate each kind of screen issue:



Why does my iPhone screen fade to a black at the unlock screen?


This problem can be due to a number of reasons, from simple user errors to all out hardware problems. Before you do anything else, try hard resetting your iPhone, and if you find that the problem still persists, then check to make sure that you did not accidentally activate the screen curtain.


If after all of that, your iPhone is still fading to black, this can be due to a problem with the part of the circuit board that supplies power to the screen or it can be a problem with the screen itself. Luckily, you can buy some of these parts rather cheaply from a wholesale iPhone parts supplier.



Why are there lines running down my screen?


Are you seeing horizontal lines across your screen? This is a common problem that results from physical trauma to the phone (or, more rarely, a loose connection between the screen and the board). You might have bumped or dropped your phone and not even realized it, as sometimes our electronics are more delicate than we'd like to admit.


In a case like this, the problem is probably with the screen itself, so you would need to buy a new one as a replacement. As mentioned before, this doesn't need to be too costly if you buy from the right place.



Why doesn’t my iPhone screen respond to touch?


First, perform a hard reboot and make sure that there is no debris, dust, or liquid on your phone's screen that could be preventing it from being able to read the touch of your fingers. If none of this works, then it's probably a faulty touch screen digitizer, which is the part of your phone that turns the signals from your touch into information that your iPhone's motherboard can use to respond to you.


There are plenty of iPhone screen and digitizer assemblies that you can buy, so they are not too difficult to replace. (Usually, you will have to replace the digitizer and LCD screen together, even if there is nothing wrong with the LCD screen itself because they can be difficult to separate.)



Why does only part of my screen work?


If only parts of your screen seem to respond to touch, this could again be a problem with the digitizer. This can often happen if your phone is left in moist conditions, but sometimes it will just randomly occur, unfortunately.


Try resetting your phone first, but if you have no luck with that, you may have to buy a new digitizer and LCD.



What do I do when my screen is cracked?


This doesn't always affect your ability to use your phone, but it can certainly be unsightly. If you dropped your phone on a hard surface or it suffered some other kind of trauma that resulted in a cracked screen, make sure to assess the damage well and make sure that this isn't its only injury.


After that, if you want a new, pristine screen to look at, you can buy an entire screen assembly for not too much, and your phone can look like new in no time at all. (Of course, you also take it to an Apple store. If it is under warranty, they may not even charge you to replace the screen.)


Why does my screen have dead pixels?


Dead pixels are just kind of part of the reality of living in a world full of LCD screens, even as improvements in technology have definitely lowered the amount of these pesky anomalies that we find on our devices. While you can always hope that it won't show up on your phone, sometimes they can, and there's not a whole lot you can do to erase them except to replace the LCD screen.


Sure, there are a few different methods you might find on the Internet that offers alternative strategies, like using pressure to make the pixel “alive” again, but none of this, of course, is guaranteed to work. Only replacing the screen will get rid of these stuck pixels for sure. (Just make sure to buy your replacement screen from a reputable wholesale iPhone parts seller, since you don't want to end up paying tons of money only to find that your new screen is low quality and has even more dead pixels on it!)


Hopefully, you have found this overview of how to troubleshoot problems on your iPhone screen to be enlightening. As you can see, many of the common problems are simple enough to repair if you simply buy the parts from an honest seller and fix the iPhone yourself. Good luck!