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what should I do if I have those iPhone screen problems:LCD flashing,blue lines,etc

iphone 5 repair before and after


You probably have knew this before or you know it now that your phone is extremely sensitive in its makeup. The electronic products are always vulnerable to breakage unless they are specially made to withstand hard hits and falls. For instance, military gadgets. Because iPhone is made of fragile materials, it's parts breaks to the slightest impact. The outer glass is the first thing to go and then the LCD screen, body, on. After you buy an iPhone you need to take good care of it to keep it in good condition.


In many cases, the first physical part to get damaged is the glass screen. To get it fixed, i would suggest doing an immediate screen repair at a reliable repair store. Why is it so important that you rush for a phone screen repair? Will it harm the gadget in any way? There are many accidents that happen because of using an iPhone with a broken screen. You might hurt your hands and fallen glass pieces on the floor can injure your legs.  If a phone is usable even after there are cracks on the screen, it means only the outer glass is broken. If you continue to use such a device, it may cause harm to the LCD. Furthermore, the cracks on the LCD have the potential to damage the internal circuits and it becomes hard to repair severe damages.


People damage the glass by dropping it on the floor by mistake. If the height of fall was quite high, the screen develops spider web like cracks on the surface.  When you have a broken screen on your phone, it is best to contact an iPhone repair specialist immediately. Or you can search the internet and find a way to fix it.


The reasons for iPhone screen damage can be different from one user to the other. Some people drop their iPhone on the pavement and it gets stomped on by the pedestrians or run over by a car etc. In this case, there are chances of damaging the entire screen including LCD. You will not be able to see anything even if the phone is switched ON. To prevent further internal damage, you need to take immediate action on fixing it. Why not perform the repair by yourself? You can watch the video tutorials online and learn how to remove the broken screen and put a new one in place of the broken one. If you are repairing your phone, make sure that you get good quality replacement parts. It is advised to get a replacement made from the same manufacturer. You can buy iPhone LCD replacements here at UW or any other online store that you prefer.


cracked lcd


There are many other problems experienced by iPhone users today. Below are some of the common iPhone screen problems and some tips on how to fix them.


iPhone LCD flashing

Did you perform an iOS 7 upgrade recently? For most users the upgrade was painless but a few phones had display issues because of  the app compatibility problems. If it is the hardware fault giving rise to LCD flashing problem, it must be the faulty LCD screen or loose connecting cable. The chances of having a faulty LCD screen is more likely than a defect in the connection or internal circuit.

Getting support from Apple based on warranty is often a struggle. It is simpler and easy to get a cheaper repair from the local store. The LCD replacement is not a difficult task like many would think. You can do it by yourself after buying a repair kit. The kit comes with a new replacement and the tools required to do the repair. Or else you can get an LCD replacement screen and contact the repair shop.


iPhone LCD blue lines


To solve this problem try pressing the power and home button at the same time. The phone reboots and the apple logo appears on the screen. If this step doesn’t work, you can hold the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time. Next hold the home button and plug the to the computer or laptop using a USB cable. Hold the home button until a message regarding factory settings appears on the screen.  Click on restore to get the screen functioning correctly.


iPhone LCD bleeds fix


The cause of LCD bleed is cracked LCD. You need to replace the LCD screen.


iPhone LCD keeps fading to black


You get this problem usually after the screen is replaced. Black vertical lines appear on the phone screen, sometimes these can be horizontal lines as well. The reason for this could be bad quality screen part fixed or loose connections. If you had fixed a broken screen by yourself then make sure you have done it properly. Or else contact the repair shop where you gave your phone for iPhone LCD replacement. Some of the customers see these lines for only a few minutes after they switch ON the phone and it disappears until you switch it ON next time. To avoid this problem make sure you buy good quality replacements online.


iPhone screen jitters


There is no one specific reason why iPhone screen jitters happen in a phone. To solve the problem you might have to try different steps. First try to fix the problem by restarting the phone. If it doesn’t work, move to next step. Go to settings->general ->usage, check whether there are any crash reports. Restore the iPhone to latest OS and if the screen still has the jitters, do the next step. Turn the brightness low. This has worked for many people. Another method to fix the flickering screen is by cleaning the cache. If none of these work, it must the problem of LCD screen itself. You might need to contact the Apple care or nearby repair store to know what is causing it.

There are many other iPhone screen problems experienced by users. To know the reason and fix it, you can search the internet. The Apple support community has good resources to help you out. Also, there are sites like iFixit which suggests you do specific steps to solve the problem. If the cause of iPhone problem is really the faulty hardware, you need to buy a screen replacement. UW sells the best quality iPhone screens at same prices market.


iPhone 3 repair before and after


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