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Amazon Is a Good Place to Buy iPhone 6 Screen LCD or Not? - Change First Photo

buy iPhone 6 screen LCD in Amazon


So you got your iPhone 6 screen cracked and broken. This is one of the miserable things that you can experience as a mobile phone owner. Moving on, you will start to search for a reliable company that sells iPhone 6 screen LCD and have that installed by a technician or DIY if you know how. Good thing, there are many websites that sell iPhone 6 screen LCD and one of the most popular stores out there is the iPhone 6 screen LCD Amazon is definitely a popular option for many iPhone users out there.


However, there were people who recommend to everyone that they should look for another store aside from Amazon when it comes to this type of product. Is Amazon really a great place to buy iPhone 6 screen LCD or not? Lets talk about this.


The Truth about Amazons Products


Amazon is a large seller of many different items online. Almost anything that you need can be found here: clothes, shoes, bags, belts to watches, necklaces, earrings, pendants to electronic appliances and gadgets, to pet supplies, and so on. Amazon is making it easier for everyone to get a good solution for their needs. But, it is not true that customers are always happy with their purchase in Amazon and that is for one reason: not all their products are guaranteed of the highest quality. This statement applies nearly to everything they sell online.


The truth is that sells products that are mostly graded B when it comes to quality. This online store sells products that are from China. Chinese products are known to be cheaper but their quality is mostly in question. Today, businesses and companies across the world consider China as a place where they can find companies that are willing to manufacture their products for them at a price that they can really afford. With that, we can expect that the quality may not be as good as what you expect.


With such products, such as the iPhone 6 screen LCD Amazon, you can really hope to get them at a cheaper price compared when you buy one in a web store selling iPhone 6 screens, but are you sure that it will be a lasting solution to your problem? Think about it once again.


Amazon has many sales from China and they are selling products that are directly made in China where the labor and manufacturing costs are typically cheaper. Hence, you save a lot…thats a fact but there is no guarantee if the item will benefit you for years. Perhaps, if you drop your iPhone 6 once again, you may get your newly installed iPhone 6 screen LCD Amazon totally broken than the damage incurred by its original screen. Also, the quality of the item, when it comes to display quality might not be as good as what you expect. The material may be not as thin and durable as the class A iPhone 6 screen LCD replacement that you can buy somewhere else, such as in UW Wholesale.


Why Buy in UW Wholesale?


If you are looking for iPhone 6 Screen LCD, you can expect to get the best product and the cheapest pricing at UWLCD Wholesale. This company is a wholesaler of Class A iPhone 6 screen LCD where you can really enjoy your purchase and have the best value for your hard earned money. Wholesaling is a great option when you buy any product online. If you purchase at UWLCD Wholesale, you can expect for the following:


  • Quantity – when you buy wholesale, you get not just one but you can buy as many as you can afford while still purchasing them all at a very low price. Amazon is mostly giving the opportunity for their customers to save money through giving discounts which are typically limited to ten percent. In UW Wholesale, you get more than 10% savings since the price will not be based on each item but in the total amount of purchase.

  • Shipping – there are times when Amazon customers complain that it took more time than the expected before they got their item. In UW Wholesale, you are sure to get the item you have purchased on the exact date of delivery that was specified to you during your purchase.

  • Price – as said before, you can save more when you buy wholesale. You will be getting all the items at a price that is relatively cheaper than how much you will be paying if you choose to buy in Amazon. Customers will need to pay more than 15% to Amazon first as a down payment and this is not the case with UW Wholesale.


Also, the reviews for LCD screens available for iPhone 6 are typically lower than 3 stars rating. It only means that customers are mostly not happy with their purchase. There are several reasons for these, such as they spent more time in waiting for the item to arrive or they got a poor quality item and bad service. Also, Amazon is not giving a chance for businesses to sell their products at a higher price and the only thing that they can do is to sell Class B LCD so they can earn more.


Review for iPhone LCD in Amazon



When something went wrong with the item that you purchased, expect that problems may come all of a sudden. And, when you return the product to avail the claimed product warranty by Amazon, it can be a big inconvenience for you. Perhaps, you will be advised to wait for a couple of days to get the item but when you call them for a follow-up, Amazon may say that you will need to wait for more time because they are still waiting for a replacement.


This will not happen to you if you choose to purchase your screen LCD for your precious iPhone 6 here at UW Wholesale. So what are you still waiting for? 

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