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order lcd over 100


We have professional salesmen for wholesale iPhone LCD screens in New York.

If you have a repair store in New York and decide to purchase our screens at the wholesale price the quantity must be 100 or more LCD screens(iPhone LCD, Samsung LCD,iPad LCD ALL accept.). It's better to contact our salesmen than shop online.Better price and fast shipping or you can request for us to deliver it to you directly.  (must be located in New York City)

Let's talk about the delivery speed:

If you contact us around  8:30 am ~ 9: 15 am 95% you will get your LCD on the same day. The latest delivery time will take 2 days. That will only happen if you place an order on Saturday. You will receive the LCD screen replacement on Monday because we are closed on Sundays. So if you place your order on Saturday it will take us 1 extra day to get your order to you.

Why does New York have a better price and, how can I get the same price as New York?

1. Come to New York and buy from us directly at wholesale price.

If you are not located in New York you can:

2. Order more than 200 pieces over our online website. (Need to register for an online account)

How do you get an online account?

That's very simple on our website you click on the login button at the top of our website. Then when the login screen pops up you will see at the bottom of the little screen it will say login or registration, click on registration. Then a form will pop up for you to fill out. It's just basically asking you for your full name and a valid email address. You will also need to create a new password for your account. After you fill the form out you can review the terms and conditions once that's done click on the little box to the left of the terms and conditions. Once you see the check mark in the little box click on the register button and then your account will be created. But there are still a few more steps for you to take before you get the New York wholesale prices online. First you must make sure you are logged in to our website then place an order of 200 or more screens. When you place an order of that amount you qualify for a V.I.P account and that makes our wholesale price list available to you online. So in order for you to get a V.I.P account, you must either call us at (516) 778-8888 or live-chat us on our website and ask one of our customer service personnel to upgrade your account for you.


A lot of supplier out there buy wholesale LCDs from us in New York, if you're in New York you probably already know our salesmen but for those of you who don't.

But if you order less than 20 pieces, it's not a problem because our prices are still good for you guys. Our prices are reasonable and very competitive you will have a hard time finding another screen with the same quality and price that we offer. Our screens are tested multiple times by our quality control technicians.