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Recently years, iPhone has a lot of issues such as the screen, new innovation, and camera.  This time period happens after the new generation coming out. However, there is only one common issue which is going through several generation of iPhone: Battery. Before the new solutions do not come out, Apple probably has the same method with another manufacturer to solve it.


smart battery case

Apple Knowing the Issues

According to Apple office announcement, the company indicates that Smart Battery Case is special design for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6, which could provide extra battery usage time and offer better protection of the iPhone.  The soft microfiber of the interior can be possible care of your iPhone. Meanwhile, soft elastic corner design can be easy to place on and out the protection case. The external silicone material brings excellent and smooth touch.


Base on the Apple instruction, Smart Battery Case protects and charges the iPhone stay at the same time. This approach expands 25 hours calling time, 18 hours LTE internet using time and includes time for audio and video. When you place on the Smart Battery Case, the locked screen and notification of iPhone will show battery condition and how much battery left.


Yes, Smart Battery Case actually receives few negative feedbacks. However, the CEO, Tim Cook, pointed out in the new interview that battery case of the new iPhone 6s compares other similar products which are totally different because it makes by the soft silicone and some part can be arbitrarily distorted. Therefore, this smart battery case is much convenience to place on and out into the iPhone. This is another hard shell of the battery case that cannot be done.


At the same time, he also admitted that the battery capacity is too small. If the customer stayed at home or office every day, there would have any problem. However, for the person who always stays outside, there is the very inconvenience issue.  Beside the design, Smart Battery Case is one of the products which might help the Apple to solve the iPhone battery issue.


Back to the topic, the design of smart battery case is probably one of the useless products for Apple. One of the famous technical media, The Verge, indicates that many people said the image of the product is not good enough to attack the Apple products. Even the Apple cannot give any respond about this product.  The Verge also pointed out that all the market of battery case bases on the Mophie, because this manufacturer gains most of the related design patent.

In other words, Apple has to consider how to keep iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus continuing in the market, but also they need to think whether the product affects other any patents. That is the main reason why we are seeing this Smart Battery Case.


Other Solutions


Compared to last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this year two versions of new phones’ battery capability reduce a lot. Most of the users were not satisfaction because iPhone’s battery life is a problem. Fortunately, Apple has designed the iOS9.


As one of the most useful function iOS 9, “Low Power Mode” is a point by many users praise. In theory, the low-power mode and Apple Watch’s power saving mode are the same concepts. Apple aims to improve the form of a software update for your device. Since overall optimization and improvement of iOS9, Apple represents the devices which install iOS 9 can stay one hour more than the last generation. If you wanted the device more force, low power mode can offer three hours extra for using the device.


lower battery mode


 Some customers realized that using the low power mode and not using low power mode have totally different. Even if low-power mode performance was the worst of times, it is still better than the performance of the general situation.  If it is not carried out repeat using, the battery of iPhone will reduce almost 40% in the low power mode.

If you were off work and using the cell phone frequently during the day, you could use the iPhone to play the game and visit some social media. Probably your cell phone will quickly lose the power. During the working hour, the screen of cell phone always turn off, low power mode allows the battery consumption slowed down 44%. This means the battery consumption will be decreased almost half.


Indeed, the low power mode has some prohibition to affect customers not using the function, but the cell phone can work.  The low power mode of iOS and Android are totally different. It does not have any change when you are talking on the phone.  You can still view the website; download Apps, send text messenger, and etc.


Common Problem in the Industry


In the past few years, if you have any expectations about the next generation iPhone survey, increasing battery basically came at the first level. Many people do not hope that iPhone becomes thinner because this way is likely to cause the battery capacity is further reduce.more thinner, the iPhone screen replacement will hurt easier. iPhone 6s thickness is the best size  I think.


iPhone 7


 We heard some information about iPhone 7. For instance, iPhone 7 will cancel the traditional earphone jack. There only has one lightning interface. The purpose of this function makes the iPhone becomes lighter than as usual.  However, this information does not attract the user to respond.

Many people do not look forward to being thin of the iPhone 7. Some of the users indicated that cell phone made a certain degree of light is much enough such as the iPhone 6S. If made much thinner than iPhone 6S, it would not make any sense. Other people believed that if we focused on the light of the iPhone which provides the technical performance, the practicability would not higher than latest generation.


We noticed that the battery technical is always the development of electronic equipment whether it is a cell phone, tablet or laptop battery technology.  In the past time, there had any big changing about the battery. If the developer wanted to increase the electronic device’s battery, they must be larger to increase battery module. If anyone was able to make a breakthrough in battery technology, it would definitely become one of the big hit throughout the technology industry.




Someone might say that Apple’s Smart Battery Case is a better product to expand the technical market.  From the price of the product, this concept does not proof which the product is really good, but we can admit that Apple wants to solve the insufficient of iPhone. Even though the method is not correct, but Apple has temporarily done before the new concept is coming out.