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Have You Heard about the Summer Promotion for Wholesale iPhone 6S screen?

      The ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ is a dynamic company which is heartedly concerned about the customer feedback and their satisfaction. It has become a trustworthy name to the retailers. In a very short period of time, this company has achieved some unthinkable heights of success. All of these have become possible because of its honesty, punctuality and product qualities. The company provides promotion offers at different times. Such as on the ‘Mother’s day’, the ‘Independence day’ etc. At present the company is providing a summer promotion for wholesale iPhone 6S LCD screen to the customers. If you haven’t heard about it yet, this article can be useful to you. This great company has always been a dream source for the retailers as it is providing its goods relentlessly with honesty and dignity to the customers. It is playing the role of a secure source to the retailers by delivering the high quality wholesale screens on time and at much lower prices. At present, there are a lot of iPhone 6S users. So, there is a huge amount of demand for Wholesale iPhone 6S screen in the market. To meet this demand, the summer promotion of this company is simply outstanding. It saves both money and time.

       The iPhone 6S is the newest edition of iPhone. Its screen also differs from the rest of the iPhone models. Because the 3D touch layer under the screen glass of the phone is better than all of the previous models of iPhone. That’s why the price of its screen is comparatively more than the ancestral ones. Now there arise some questions- What is the summer promotion of the wholesale iPhone 6S screen? Why should you choose Unified Wireless as your provider for? What are the extra benefits that the company can provide to you? Well, this article has the solution to your each and every question. Then, you will see why you should buy this product from this company.

    Now-a-days, everyone loves to research and compare to get the best product they aspire. If you research the price of iPhone 6S screen on some big retail supplying companies’ websites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, eBAY, Bulk Repair etc. you will notice that the average price of iPhone 6S LCD screen is $150. In some cases you will even see that the price is 170-190$. It is unbelievable but true that Unified Wireless offers the iPhone 6S screen costing $58.99 only. Now, this is called the blockbuster offer of the summer which you really don’t want to miss. The amazing fact about this summer promotion is that the company provides 30 days guarantee on this product so you can check thousands of time to see if it fits your needs. You can return and get a new one within this time if you don’t think it suits your phone. So, your concern about the safe investment of your money is solved. The company also provides a handy guide book with this product which will help you to do the tough job of replacing your phone’s screen on your own. Once you have replaced your phone’s previous problematic screen with the new one, you don’t even have to throw your old screen away. You can sell it to the Unified Wireless for which you will get money. See, Unified Wireless makes your useless broken screen valuable.  The company sells the best qualities of iPhone 6S screen. They sell only AAA and AA qualities. AAA is the best quality where the LCD and the flex cable both are original. In the AA quality only the flex cable is copied. Of course, the price of the AA quality is also less than the AAA quality.

iphone 6s plus



    This is the chart of the price of the iPhone 6S replacement screen wholesale of the Unified Wireless. You can see that, if you buy more than 200 pieces, you can save $4 per piece that means you can save $800. It can even get up to $1000 if you fix the price and get special offers on the live chat of the company’s website. If you are a retailer, you can’t get anything better than this summer promotion of the company. The company even provides fastest and free shipping facility if your purchase is more than 1000$. Of course, the company provides free shipping for any purchase of more than 200$. There is another amazing fact that, you will get 7 pieces toolkit absolutely free with each unit of the purchase. You may not get these toolkits from other companies. It doesn’t matter if you are a single tertiary consumer or a retailer; this company treats you in the same way and understands your needs. This company in New York City is undoubtedly the best company for LCD screen wholesale in the US.

     The ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ is an innovative manufacturing company in China. The company has invented ultra high definition, i.e. UHD displays. The Chinese customers who needs sharper and much brighter images, but not able to afford expensive OLED display screens manufactured by LG and Samsung, are heading towards UHD. In china, Global Trade Electronic Inc sells a 55 inch UHD models for $1800 whereas an OLED TV of same dimension is sold for $10,000 by Samsung. The UHD producers in China have expanded their capacity with relate to cost and technology. In fact, UHD displays presents a low barrier compared to OLED displays. The Chinese LCD screen display companies have done pretty well so far and in fact their momentum is likely to continue in the upcoming years as well. So, there is no surprise why this company has been able to produce iPhone screens at such lower rates.

     The ‘Unified Wireless Inc’ is a reliable source which is better than all other companies in the present market. Its website is well developed and regularly updated. All necessary descriptions and prices are included with each specimen. The company doesn’t compromise with customer satisfaction. The feedbacks that they are getting from the buyers are phenomenal. They have already made a huge impact on the global market of the LCD Screen wholesale. This is why it is plain simple why you should buy the replacement screen of the latest iPhone 6S model from this company. The company is reliable, consistent, careful and fully aware about customer satisfaction. It is undoubtedly the best source for buying iPhone 6S screen wholesale. It provides the replacement screen of iPhone 6S at the cheapest price. It maintains the quality of each and every product from manufacturing till shipping and there is always the promise of delivering the product on time. Moreover, there is additional toolkits and 30 days guarantee. What else does a customer need? So, if you are thinking about buying the iPhone 6S screen wholesale, don’t waste your time in thinking and researching. The summer promotion of the company is simply the best offer you can ever get. It suits all your needs, provides extra features and guarantees a safe investment of your valuable money.