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Why LCD Screen with Cold Press Technology does not bend the Screen Bracket?

 There are some connecting and mounting methods to assemble a liquid crystal display. There are 3 major types of methods i.e. the Rubber Connector Method, the Pinned connector Method and the Flexible Connector Method. Among these methods, the Rubber Connector Method is widely used. This method is used to assemble phone displays. In the Rubber Connector Method, there are two types of technology used i.e. the Cold Press Technology and the Hot Press Technology. The Cold Press Technology is the better one because it makes the joints of the LCD display stable and durable. The proper knowledge about the LCD technology is required to detect defective displays. In this competitive market, there are many frauds and cheaters.



To eliminate the chances of being betrayed, some basic knowledge about LCD displays is compulsory. In many cases, the sales representatives and marketing agents fail to explain some terminologies about LCD technology due to lack of professionalism. That’s when the buyers become confused and often take wrong decisions. ‘Unified Wireless Inc.’ is a company which has a very professional team of experts. So, if you ever have any queries about LCD displays, you can go to the New York Headquarter Office of the company. The employees of the company are very friendly and co-operative. Besides that, there is a 24 hours online customer service available to provide adequate help to the customer issues. At first, you need to learn about the Rubber Connector Method and then we can proceed to the Cold Press Technology. It will be easier to understand. In this type of connection the PCB or Printed Circuit Board is used as the base of the structure. The liquid crystal display is set parallel to it by two pillar like Zebra Conductive Rubbers. In the right hand and left hand side there are two Holders.

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The Holders are also known as screen brackets. Two pieces of Polarizer are set above and below the LCD. The structure mainly consists of alternative lamination of conducting rubber and insulated rubber. The mechanical compression is used as the connecting method. Its Pitch (mm) is Min 0.4. It is easy to assemble. It is adopted for many years. It is applicable even to narrow pads. The printed circuit board needs gold plate or graphite coating The assembly process of an LCD display involves a dispenser or a screen printer, a spacer spray machine, the assembly machine and a hot press machine/cold press machine as well as final cure oven. In the hot press machine, the hot glue is used and in the cold press machine, the cold glue is used. In the cold press technology the screen brackets become very stable and durable. The bracket won’t melt in hot temperature. When the temperature is an issue like in months of July and August, the screen brackets either melt or bend if hot glue is used. The hot press technology has drawbacks even for snowing winter seasons. The hot glue will shrink in the winter due to low temparature. In the contrary, the cold press technology prevents melting, bending and shrinking. Now let’s see what is hot glue and cold glue?Hot melt adhesive (HMA), also known as hot glue, is a form of thermoplastic adhesive that is commonly supplied in solid cylindrical sticks of various diameters.

It is temperature dependent. It has flow properties. It forms bond in minimum temperature. Cold Glues are waterbased solutions. The adhesive solids are dissolved in water, usually by cooking. A bond is formed when almost all of the water is lost via penetration or absorption into substrates. To create a solid bond, it requires 2 absorbent surfaces. Cold glues are more viscous. They are temperature independent. They are also stable against variable atmospheric pressure. UW sells outstanding LCD screen wholesales of different variety including the iPhone 6 LCD replacement screen

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The price of these iPhone screens are also very cheaper comparing to other big companies like Amazon, eBay. The LCD screens of this company are also very long-lasting. The company has its own manufacturer, the Shenzhen Factory which controls the quality of the products amazingly. The cost is the most amazing fact about this great wholesaling company. If you consider the price of the iPhone 6 LCD replacement screens, you’ll see that the price is only $43.50 on UW. If you want to buy the same screen from Amazon or eBay, it will cost 4-5 times more than UW. So, if you want to buy iPhone 6 LCD replacement screen iphone 6 plus replacement lcd