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Tips to fix a damaged iphone 5C LCD - Change the last photo

iPhone 5C LCD replace safety


Don’t lose your hope if your iPhone 5C LCD screen is broken. Same goes for any other phone, iPod or iPad.


First of all neglecting a cracked screen is not going to be easy for a long time. It is barely  possible to properly read from a damaged screen. The quality of user experience gets degraded. Fortunately, the phone companies such as Apple provide excellent repair services. It is now extremely easy to get a screen replaced.  Here’s what you have to do when you have broken iPhone 5C LCD screen.


  1. Check the warranty status


To check the warranty of your iPhone

  • Visit Official Apple site
  • Enter serial number of iPhone, Click ‘Continue’


The status of the warranty on your phone will show up with details of purchase date, repairs, telephone support and service coverage.  The information given in the service coverage row could show three types of status, Out of warranty, 1-year warranty, and AppleCare+ Extended warranty.


Out Of Warranty


If the status of your phone warranty is ‘Out of warranty’, then do not panic. You can still replace your screen by buying a replacement at the Apple Store.  The best thing to do is let apple technicians handle the problem. This way fixing your phone will be quick and easy.


1 Year Standard Warranty


If it has not been a year since you bought an iPhone, then the manufacturer will waive the service charge, but you have to still pay for the iPhone 5C LCD replacement part.  One year warranty does not cover the cost of accidental damage.


AppleCare+ Extended Warranty


To have this, you must have paid $99. This will allow you to buy a replacement at AppleCare for the lesser cost. Hairline cracks are covered under AppleCare. The company considers Hairline cracks as a defect in the glass and replaces it. But if there are multiple cracks in a spider web then you have to pay for the iPhone screen LCD.


Create a Backup of your iPhone


Create a backup on the iCloud or iTunes. This will save your personal data like photos, contact information, and other data. To create a backup on iTunes, plug your device to PC with iTunes software installed. Click ‘Backup’. If the data is important, you might choose to encrypt it. In case you do this, remember your password to get the information back. To create iCloud backup, go to settings> iCloud>Storage>Backup> Back Now. If there is insufficient storage space, buy more storage to perform the backup.


  1. Place of Repair


The ideal place to repair your iPhone is AppleCare. The cost of replacing a screen at Apple service center is reasonable. Don’t take your phone to a un-trustable repair center at the local gas station or at a mall.


Both Warranties


If you are still under AppleCare, AppleCare+, or the 1-year manufacturer's warranty and you have a broken screen AND another issue that is covered under warranty, Apple will actually replace your device for free — IF the other issue is not in any way connected to the screen break.


If you have both, AppleCare+ and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, then Apple fixes the broken screen if there is another issue with the phone that is covered under the warranty. For instance, if you have cracked screen and jammed the lock button, then the specialist will look into the matter and make a call whether to offer the full free replacement or not. Usually to make a customer happy, a specialist will offer free service in these instances. The management at Apple is really helpful. There is no one who acts like a jerk and makes a customer unhappy. The technicians at AppleCare have the good spirit of helping customers. They do what is best for customers.


In case of signs of non-indigenous repair, Apple won’t take the responsibility to fix your phone


If had fixed some problem somewhere else before, Apple thinks that the device is your problem and won’t handle it. What the option left for such users is to go back the person who fixed it and get the screen replacement. Or you have to buy a brand new phone or used one from Ebay. There are customers who had their screen replaced from a local repair store as it costs less. But you have to decide on whether you are willing to give away the Apple customer service option.


Another important thing to note is that certain technology that Apple has is not available anywhere. For instance, the Display and Multi-Touch Proximity Sensor needs to be calibrated using highly specialized custom array equipment which is only available at Apple store. Also, iOS technicians at Apple Care have a very good expertise to sniff the job of a third-party person.  So fixing your iPhone 5C LCD somewhere else can put you in trouble down the road.


Doing it yourself


This is also a difficult option to try. You need to have the necessary skill to replace the screen. Unlike other mobile phones, the iPhone has a lot of minute and sensitive parts. You have to be careful about the antenna, logic board, battery, tiny screws and other things. You can repair your phone by yourself when you have done a lot of research and you have the equipment to do it. But remember, if you open the phone, then you won’t get Apple service in future.


  1. Contact AppleCare


To know about the cost of repair and the process, you can get help from Apple Store. Visit www. . There is also an option to call them.


IPhone 5S LCD screen damage is a common problem. It can definitely be fixed easily at a reasonable cost. Just leave your worries and check the suitable option to get your phone screen replaced. Hope this helps.


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