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Why iPhone 6 Screen is Easy to Repair - Ignore

iPhone 6 screen easy to fix


It is only just recently when iPhone 6 became on sale and it is not surprising that with it comes a huge number of people getting their own. The iPhone 6 is sure known for its quality, but like any other phone, it is also susceptible to damage. With how much single iPhone costs, you probably figure out that repair much less buying a new one is never going to be that inexpensive. Luckily, with iPhone 6 screen repair NYC, there is an effective way to fix your phone by yourself.


Cracked Screen – Most Common iPhone Problem to Fix


iPhone is one of the most popular brands that characterized the quality mobile phones. Every aspect of the phone is carefully designed and created that result to amazing models people always want to get one themselves. Of different iPhone models, iPhone 6 grew rapidly with young and old wanting to get this kind of phone, especially now that it is on sale. But then comes a huge problem if your iPhone 6 ended up with cracked or shattered screen due to carelessness.


Cracked or shattered screen is one of the most common problems that a phone user has to deal. Because of some mishaps, you find your phone’s suddenly cracked or shattered leaving you with some options. Luckily for you, iPhone 6 is considered as one of the easiest phone models to repair since after its sale, some iPhone 6 screen repair NYC services have already tried to dismantle and repair the phone.


Of course, you can hire an expert on iPhone 6 screen repair NYC to deal with your phone, but why would you waste your money on something you can do yourself? That’s right, the iPhone 6 has been called one of the easiest of Apple’s smartphones to fix. In truth, it is so easy to fix that you can actually do it yourself especially as simple as a broken iPhone. Compared to other Apple phones, the experts on iPhone 6 screen repair in NYC revealed it is not as tricky to fix as in others.


iPhone 6 Screen Repair NYC or DIY Repair


Before ever deciding to either do the repair yourself or have it checked by a professional, it is very important that you evaluate your options at first. Apple phones come with the warranty in these kinds of incidents and obviously, this will cost you far less. Also, if it is a warranty, you don’t have to labor to fix your phone, that if you bought an AppleCare+ for your phone.


But in case that you do not have AppleCare+ and your phone suffered at least just minor damage or crack on the screen, there is still a good option that Apple can offer you. Apple can replace your iPhone’s screen with a charge plus tax. But still, this depends on the damage that your phone sustained so the charge may end up the full replacement.


On the other hand, if it is not possible for you to mail or go directly to an Apple store to have your phone repaired, your last option is an iPhone 6 screen repair do-it-yourself. DIY iPhone screen repair may be the best choice for you for a lot of reasons, number one of those is that you can save in the total cost. Know that while the cost for the replacement for iPhone does not usually change, so is the repair costs in repair shops.


I'm a newbie too, But I already help my friend to fix two iPhone 6 and I'm sure you can do it too.After you watch this slow tutorial, I'm sure you can replace your own iPhone 6 screen.


iPhone 6Aspects That Makes it Easier to Repair 


That being the case, doing the repair yourself is probably your best choice in the matter. Fortunately, you will find that iPhone 6 is right now one of the easiest phones to fix. This is because the phone has been designed with very minimal complications so that tearing it down and putting it back together can be a lot easier and not at all complicated.


The great thing with this iPhone 6 is that the materials used for it are all on for reparability. For one, it uses Penta lobe screws that are not too tricky to remove. The way that the TouchID is attached is also changed so it’s easier.  At the same time, how the home buttons are connected to the main board is changed as well which is quite a great improvement for this Apple phone.


From the casing to the battery, iPhone 6 is made using materials which allow you to fix your own phone under certain circumstances. When you attempt to repair your iPhone, the first thing you need to do after removing the casing of the phone carefully removes the display. Next, you can now carefully remove the battery as well and then change the screen in place of the cracked one.


As for the small parts of the phone, you don’t have to worry since they all are easy to repair with every small part integrated into the modules. With that, if your iPhone 6 is broken, you can just do-it-yourself which is a lot easier and can save you on cost as well. Of course, there are a few things that you might find worth criticizing about the phone especially in terms of durability. But overall, iPhone 6 Screen Repair in NYC is by far a great choice for you.




IPhone 6 is one of the best models of smartphones by Apple. It offers great features and uses advanced technology that you will surely love. It is also quite durable with the company using the highest quality materials for it. But even so, it cannot be denied that one careless act from you and any other mishap can damage it. Thankfully, the iPhone 6 is quite easy to repair with Apple having designed it with materials that are easier to fix. With that, it can be a real great choice if you choose to buy an iPhone 6 phone over others.