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iPhone 4 battery

This product is for the iPhone 4 battery replacement.

  • Product Code: ip4-part

For Apple iPhone 4 Battery Replacement


Charging voltage: 4.2 V

Rated voltage: 3.7 V

Rated capacity: 1420mAh

iPhone 4 Battery Installation Special Notes:

The iPhone 4 battery must be tested on the handset. One should not just test the voltage with the ammeter. There are several different OEM factories manufacturing the iPhone 4 batteries which may have slightly different specifications. For example, the buckles on the battery flex cable may be slightly different. One must check and verify that the battery can be installed to the phone.

The iPhone 4 battery flex cable buckle is designed as a rectangular connector with a line of connecting points and some connecting pieces ensuring the iPhone 4 battery can be closely connected with the motherboard.  


iPhone 4 Battery Compatibility:

Compatible only with the iPhone 4


iPhone 4 Battery Storage Guidelines:

The iPhone 4 battery must be wrapped separately with the anti-static bag to prevent short circuit damage and stored in a cool dry place away from fire.

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